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Does Armstrong have a piece of Twitter

Mar 13, 2009
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anyone reckon Armstrong is cross promoting the Livestrong thing, and taken a small slice in the VC equity of Twitter?

All these pros have popped up on Twitter, albeit most are sheep, but they all have this Livestrong band on their profile avatar. So StrongArm has his Livestrong.com people work up an avatar for them.

I wonder if he has a slice of Twitter since he has something ridiculous like one million twits. I think the market saturation in Amerida is about 279 million twits, so he has a fair way to go before he reaches full market share at 140 characters.

I can see why Armstrong loves twits. I personally find it unfulfilling at 140 characters, it is a little like premature ejaculation.

Armstrong, and Ashton Kutcher showdown @140 characters at the superficial corral.