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Domenico Pozzovivo appreciation thread

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So good ride in the break and made back the time he lost on stage 9 into Naples (when he got a mechanical (again!) near the finish), so with Uijtdebroeks leaving the race, he'll move up to 14 th on GC, 7 and a half minutes behind Pogi, but only just over 2 minutes from Rubio in 10th.
Sticking with the top guys and following wheels might not get top TV ratings but this is a 3 week race and it's only stage 11 today. Go Domenico!:)
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Ah well...
Edit: still in 14th but now needs to take back ~3 mins in the mountains to get in the top 10.
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Had a quick chat with him this morning.
He told me he's been sick the past couple of days after feeling great until Thursday.
He's aiming at a top10 and hopes he's recovered today so he can hang with the GC riders as long as possible.
If he feels better after the rest day he'll try to hit the break again in the third week.
He's a great guy to chat with, even if he's a bit shy.
Giro is more or less over for him now. But would be still a great achievement if he can finish the Giro.

Will this year be his last year as a pro or will he continue riding if he gets a contract for next year?
His thoughts on Tour of Slovenia, he says it's quite emotional.

For him, every race, since he announced his final retirement at the end of the season, has become a catwalk, but it is not in the character of the Lucanian to face races in a superficial way, on the contrary. It was like this also in Slovenia, where there were also moments that deeply touched him.
«We also passed through Skofja Loka, where I won in 2012 – he says – and I won't deny that when it happened, many thoughts came to me. I can't deny that these weeks are special, every run is tinged with melancholy sensations. That's not to say it's a negative thing, it's just a series of emotions that hit me ."

Down for the Tour of Austria - a country with a few hills, if I remember correctly. 2nd to 7th of July when some other race is on in France. UAE sending their usual top team, and the man without the luck of the Irish, Eddie Dunbar down for another in his series of comebacks.