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Dynamic bike fitting with the Computrainer Spinscan

Jul 9, 2009
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Sound Coaching specialise in dynamic bike fitting using the computrainer spinscan technology which looks at your position as you're cycling, and using the bikefit systems wedges to correct forefoot tilt, correcting leg length discrepancy by 50%, measurement of knee, hip, shoulder angles.

We look at improving efficiency and power split on both left and right pedals and teach you how to pedal more efficiently with some drills. You will be able to see your efficiency, power split, power in watts and speed improve on a laptop improve throughout the bike fitting session


‘ In our experience setting your bike position using trial and error results in more of both.’ The very same human characteristic of ‘adaptiveness’ (the way a body reacts and changes as a result of cyclical stresses and pressures) that underpins training can also result in our body doing its best to ‘accommodate’ us in an extremely poor position. In fact our bodies would serve us rather better if they were not quite so ‘adaptive’ and alerted us to a poor set-up prior to riding thousands of miles inefficiently. Many people spend many years unwittingly riding in a poor position, possibly absorbing the low-level pain or discomfort as part of the general experience of cycling.

Problems commonly associated with a poor position

1. Power leakage
2. Biomechanical inefficiency
3. Discomfort
4. Injury
5. Chronic over-use injury caused over a long period of time

THE Dynamic Bike Fitting Session
A Dynamic Bike Fitting session takes about two hours and is a very personal and considered appraisal of an individual’s cycling physiology, technique and alignment. Everything about you as an individual is evaluated and perfected
Injury/Pain concerns We will be looking for underlying cause from your bike-position, set-up and history – we are not physios or osteos but will refer you recommended colleagues wherever necessary and mutually agreed

If you have any of the following?:

* Knee pain?
* Lower back pain and hip pain?
* Leg length discrepancy?
* Illiotibial band tightness and lateral knee pain?
* Do you pronate?
* Tightly clenched toes and/or aching on the outside of your feet during rides?
* Feet hot spots?
* Flat feet?
* Lack of power?
* Excessive movement of one or both legs while pedalling?
* One foot that never feels quite right in the shoe/pedal?
* One good leg, one not so good?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then Sound Coaching can help you

The CompuTrainer provides the most interesting indoor bike experience yet created. It increases your cycling power by 20 to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH. Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly.

Approximately 96% of the population has what is known as a forefoot tilt. This is where the front of your foot is not flat but rather has an angle or tilt. Modern clip-in pedal systems do not accommodate this tilt, instead forcing the foot into an unnatural flat position.
The body compensates for this with a lateral (side to side) motion of the knee during the pedal cycle. The result of increased lateral knee movement over time will cause pain and injury in the knee and any of the above symptoms. Lemond wedges are the answer and used by many pro cyclists including nicole cooke.

Bike Fitting Prices

* 2 Hour Fully Comprehensive Bike Fitting using Computrainer £150
* Power Testing £60 on Computrainer 1 hour
* Tutorial on how to get the best from your Power Meter & Setup £60
* Cycling Peaks Analysis of your Power Meter Files Monthly £40
* Efficiency Drills Session on Computrainer 1 Hour £60
* Online Cycling Coaching see coaching plans (on Training Peaks for Cycling)

i generally see efficiency gains of 20-25%, speed increases of 1-2 kph in the session, and more after.

contact nick de meyer at dynamicmotion1@hotmail.com if you would like to know more.

i am based in epsom surrey, 5 mins off m25 junction 9