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Estela García (operación Galgo) tests positive

Estela García (operación Galgo) tests positive

It's hard to stay clean after losing superdoc consultations, it seems.
She's not the first, and she won't be the last.

Google translation from:

The shadow of doping haunts Estela Garcia
The athlete Asturian Estela Garcia, Manuel exdiscípula Easter, has failed a doping test conducted this summer. Garcia, a specialist in 100 and 200 meters on the list of the Spanish team (4x100 relay) to the Daegu World, but was removed from the team at the last minute. The official version of the Spanish Federation at that time was that caused the athlete down "last-minute injury." The athlete is awaiting the analysis of sample B (formerly called counter-analysis).

The substance that causes athlete's positive news Asturias Estela García-Public-ahead for a diuretic. This was announced by EFE, specifying that the athlete Valencia Terra i Mar "chose to go to a pharmacy to buy a diuretic Madrid" for an alleged "retention." Diuretics are more than three decades on the list of banned substances for their anti-doping rule effectively as masking of anabolic substances. Precisely the Jamaican athlete Steve Mullings was also the World section last month after testing positive for a diuretic.

Yesterday or the federal Silent Sports Council and Athletics Federation wanted to confirm or deny the news. Public contacted the spokesman of the Federation president ratified Odriozola to see if the version issued in August in the sense that "last-minute injury" was what pushed Estela Garcia of selection for the World Championships in Daegu (South Korea). "No, not ratify," the spokesman said.

The analysis has yielded positive Oviedo speed took place in Spain Athletics Championships held in Malaga on 6 and 7 August, where he was fifth in 200 meters. It was one of the controls that made the Spanish Federation to the presumed components of the national team for the World, shaped but not yet decided at that time.

Yesterday, the athlete, 22, declined to make any statement about it. His current coach, Berni Dominguez, also declined to comment pending such time as the athlete. This is a coach who has never had cases of doping among its athletes and who signed the letter in which 350 Spanish athletics coaches asked in December that was reached "to end" in the investigation of the Operation Greyhound. "
Totally believable, right?
Women are sensitive about these things.

Fabricated embarassing admissions (it was for a nasty saddle rash) are a great way to come across believable. Everyone understands embarrassing reasons for breaking into your own home, running across the street nude, etc?

Didn't work for Tyler Hamilton the last time, now did it? He didn't even fabricate his personal reasons.

What are the odds her getting a proper ban, and there not being any lengthy appeals and CAS involvements?