Ethical Behaviour - Race/Stage fixing

While this is not about doping, it surely doesn't belong in the other categories.
Some of the times the stage winner is decided before the race has begun. Money changes hands or some other pressure is brought on to come to an agreement. During the stage, a team pulls for a lead rider of another team for money. Near the end of the stage, one rider agrees to lose for money.

How ethical is this? Since money is given, it would come under cheating as well as it is preventing other honest, upright cyclists from winning. There was one particular incident of London Olympics where Chinese badminton players were thrown out of the tournament as they intentionally lost their matches
Gentlemen's agreement of ' I take stage you take yellow- I help you in pulling' though appears to be ok. Countrymen helping fellow countrymen is ok. Trade teammate helping another Trade teammate in the national or world championship race though looks dicey.

Match fixing is known to be of epic proportions in Cricket, Football etc. There some pretty diehard fans of cycling. How much would be the betting on the result of a stage/race? How much would people pay to fix the result? There have been certain instances where a rider would appear to hold back to allow others to win and then next day easily take a stage win. Fixing or Doping/Circumventing controls? :rolleyes:
Mar 10, 2009
Don't leave out sprinters team's helping out GC teams during those long boring flat/roller stages in GT's, and vice versa.