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European Championships 2023: Individual Time Trial (September 20) and Mixed Team Relay (September 21)

The Vuelta is over, so it’s time to hand out some jerseys. Just like every year, right? Right?

TTs and mixed relays first. Just like the road race, the finish location is a bit of a dump, albeit not of the same kind.
I’m sorry, Emmen. I promise your zoo is actually nice.

Women’s junior ITT
Men’s junior ITT
Women’s U23 ITT
Men’s U23 ITT
Women’s elite ITT
Men’s elite ITT
Junior mixed team relay
Elite mixed team relay

The routes
ITT (Men’s and women’s juniors and U23)


ITT (Men and women elite)


Mixed Team Relay (Elite and junior)


What is the qualification system for such events? How can there be two kosovars in the men's race, a random ukrainian draft dodger with no cycling results or a maltese at the European Championships?

From what I understand, the Ukrainian guy has results, just mainly in MTB.
And why shouldn't there be a Maltese?

The expected gold medal for Federica Venturelli in the junior women's ITT, with a surprising silver medal for Sweden's Stina Kagevi, who deserves one of RhD's cakes for that performance, and the German Hannah Kunz in third.

Everyone, except people who make fun at my inability to do math, or calls me old, deserve one of my cakes.
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2 riders per nation can be entered in the Elite TT without any quotas per nation based on ranking it seems if I understood the rules on page 9 correctly

Then it sums up the prestige value of this competition that more than half of the European countries could not find even one person who wanted to participate in this competition.

Article 1 – Participation The events are reserved for the riders from the following categories:
Men Elite Individual Time TrialMen Elite2000 and earlier
Isn't this disqualifying Tarling from competing in the men's race?

From what I understand, the Ukrainian guy has results, just mainly in MTB.

So someone who is outside of the 500 in the XCM rankings will start in the ITT. Nice
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