European Games - Road Race 2019

Terrible startlist. I follow cycling closely but I don’t think I recognise more than 25% of the names in the list. With its position in the calendar there are so many decent short stage races going on for riders building for the tour or national championships that this event has been squeezed and the winner will be far less prestigious than the name of the event ought to represent.
The startlist of the previous edition four years ago in Baku was pretty good, i think other than the calendar spot (that is forced by the fact that being a multi sport event, in case is up to the single sports to adapt their calendars) what has killed that is the creation of the European Championship in 2016 that has overshadowed that pretty fast.
Anyway also Asian Games or Panamerican Games are in the same situation or even worse if we look at the startlists, not the mention minor games like Mediterranean ones where almost all important nations literally send kids.