European Road Championships 2022, Munich, August 14-21

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What do you feel about having the youth categories at a different time?
I don't like it, having the youth classes at a different times makes them risk being forgotten about.
I know I'm a bit dumb and forgetful sometimes, but honestly, when the Danish teams were announced, my first thought "No teams for the youth classes?", I had completely forgotten the youth classes had already been held.
Does anyone know why the UK are not riding? According to PCS they always rode, except for last year and this year as well.
Its disappointing.
Last year there were comments about rider availability and funding budgets. Worlds will be expensive to fund.
Similar this year I guess.
Maybe pressue on support team with Commonwealths, European track and Aveniur.
I don't think anyone "helping" right now is really wasting energy. I mean Dillier and Pöstlberger have been out there on their own for over 100km now and still 70km to go with about a minute advantage. If anything the Peleton is trying desperately not to catch them.
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