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Eurosport commentary

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Blythe on the motorbike it's a good place for him to be imho. Suits the role well.

yeah i just hate how they have to go split screen with the camera facing him. i dont know why they think we need to see the guy on the motorbike talking, 99% of the time you cant see anything interesting going on in the race from that camera.

that said, voigt and mcewen on the same commentary team is like god is trolling me
Most of the time tennis leaves me largely indifferent, but then ES dedicates both of its channels exclusively to French Open... They are doing a damn fine job in turning be into tennis hater every time a Grand Slam rolls around. Luckily US and Australian Open take place in different time zones, so most of the games happen during the night time and don't suffocate every other sport out in a way it's happening now.

Dauphine isn't a Grand Tour, but is still more than important enough to warrant an hour or so of coverage in between what is an obscene overload of tennis. Let alone in a broadcaster priding itself on being a home of cycling.