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Euskaltel introduce internal controls

issoisso said:

Right.......except when Astarloza tested positive their (rabid) defence of him was "we have internal controls and they show nothing abnormal"

Whoopsie :rolleyes:

Read what is stated in the article. They tested 700 times last year, but now they think that is not enough. It may be that they learned something from last year.

But I guess you will never like any measure taken by a team because then you cannot shout at them and accuse them of using doping anymore :rolleyes:
Mar 18, 2009
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I promised someone else on this forum I wouldn't ever answer you, since you do nothing but troll, but here goes:

where do you get the idea that they were the ones to do those 700 controls? Because it certainly isn't anywhere in the article that you tell me to "read"