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Well, Primož had some bad luck and some good luck today on stage 1 of the TDF. Bad luck to be caught in that insane, spectator-induced crash with about 40km to go, but good luck that he escaped with just a slight abrasion on the shoulder and no other injuries, and good luck that he finished high on the stage, even when riding another teammate's bike. But then, bad luck that at least a couple of his teammates were banged up pretty badly in the crash. So, all in all, more bad luck than good . . . but it could have been worse.
What a guy eh, i.e, "grande casino" (just like the Giro a couple of years ago):

Also, why on earth was Jumbo car 23 for the stage yesterday? i.e. just look at how far the mechanic had to run with a new bike for Primoz Roglic:

It took over a minute! Fortunately Roglic took Vingegaard's bike & the peloton wasn't riding full gas, because that could have been game over day one.
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