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I see. We could discuss many layers of Sagan. But saying he is not a sprinter. He is.
Much AGREED! Much of his career is characterized by suddenly appearing in the front in the finishing meters. If that's not a Sprinter, someone here has a very narrow definition. Sprints are contextual, for sure. Roglic is an excellent sprinter but needs a hill to avoid crashes. Pogacar is a supreme GT sprinter in the mountains. Yates is a good finisher,too. So the riders finishing behind them wouldn't define losing to one of them as that specific losing effort; they'd say "he outsprinted me". It works whether you defeat a finishing field of 100 or 1, doesn't it?
Likely not much "vs" involved in the 2023 season. In the 2023 season they all should rather focus on national campaigns. Where they need to work together if they want to win. Especially as next years is an Olympic year. And as now Slovenia has eight rider roster on the highest level. Plus a couple of quality cyclists more. There really should be no excuses involved. If they don't win important national campaigns. That will and should be perceived as a rather big failure. It's not very likely Slovenia will have such options a couple of years from now. Hence now is the right time for that.

We'll see on how the season goes and maybe in the 2024 or 2025 season all mentioned cyclists will participate at the Tour. Then obviously a bit of "vs" should be at play. Mainly for prestigious purposes. All in all in 2023 season "vs" should be directed in the direction of Evenepoel and Vingegaard respectively.
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Giro for sure is always in the back of the mind. But this season Catalunya will likely prove to be a rather important opening race. In regards to his arch rival for this season Evenpoel and in regards to his own team. How will team members like Tratnik, Kelderman, Foss ... perform. Will we get Kuss back. Or did the G.R.O.S.S. fan club finally win. On top of that if you visit Catalunya race home page. It's all about Remco. No mention of our beloved at all.
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