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Fastest Mammal on Earth

Apr 11, 2009
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Great stuff. Thanks for that :D

I prefer pigeons. Ha, ha, ha. Not sure if they are "on earth" or not. And no so fast when walking/ waddling... But hey, they may make the RadioShack team, and there's this....

Note this pigeon beat an ADSL [ha, ha, ha] line recently in this race, and it was not allowed any performance enhancing bird seed, ROFLMAO:

"...there were strict rules in place [in the race with the ADSL line] to ensure he had no unfair advantage. They included "no cats allowed" and "birdseed must not have any performance-enhancing seeds within".


I'd bet pigeons' power to weight ratios are probably 100:1, taking a wild guess (no measly 6:1 for them), but measured in grams as weight LOL. Bertie is definitely third-rate compared to the avg. pige. Gotta get with the program.
Mar 18, 2009
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Ha. Enjoyed both of those links. When I lived in Guelph, one of my favourite rides was next to the safari park. The very first time I rode that ride, a cheetah chased after us (without much difficulty I should add). It was a blast. Much more exciting than a dog. Glad there was one mighty big fence between us!
May 26, 2009
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forty four said:
look into what a tuna fish can do speed wise in water which is god knows how much more dense than air thats impressive .

Absolutely, yes. So many pelagic fish are superevolved bundles of finetuned muscle. I'd love to know what a reef shark or great white can do?

Sad that as a supposedly civilized species we kill them en masse as a form of 'sport' (or 'relaxation', if it's a small fish ;-). Anyway, that's another story.