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Ferretti, Basso, Bruseghin, Cioni = fascist?

Feb 24, 2010
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Hey, I just found a picture in your archive and was quite shocked.


Tour de France 2003, group picture of Fassa Bortolo-Manager Giancarlo Ferretti, Ivan Basso, Marzio Bruseghin, Dario Cioni showing Ferretti with the typical Nazi salute and the other three just smiling.

Ferretti, Basso and Bruseghin all coming from the north (I know that means nothing, but in this context this could be a tendence).

However, I would really like you to find something out about that? I'd say, that it's no normal gesture and seems really on purpose.
Maybe you could confront one of them about it?

the title should actually be "Ferretti=fascist?", but I can't edit it...
[Sorry for my english]