Figure Skating

Absolutely amazing performances today by Yuma Kagiyama and Yuzuru Hanyu. First the young Kagiyama smashed it, then Hanyu brought the most perfect short program on the ice. Such a delight. I can't wait for the free skating.
What an incredible men's competition!!
The top10 were just... the best skating event I've ever witnessed. And the winner with I don't know what to say. If you haven't seen it, go and find a video. (Also go and take a look at Hanyu's short program.)
Kolyada with a wonderful performance again yesterday at the Grand Prix in Italy... his jumping wasn't that strong and I don't think he was very content, but I just love to watch him so much... he's got a very classic Russian style, straight forward, yet he reacts to every turn in the music so softly... oh :hearteyes:
So I was happy he got second, although the Italians might have been a bit disappointed Grassl only took third with a stunning performance... really huge talent you got there, seems like more is to come.
Yuma Kagiyama with a very controlled performance, more mature than before I'd say... still with a lot of energy. Managed to come from 7th to win. Lovely.
Grassl had very solid performances in both programs, I don't think he's disappointed considering who finished ahead of him. Kagiyama looks like the real deal going forward.
:openmouth: I was mostly talking to myself because I thought nobody was reading this thread.
Don't tell me you watch figure skating. :hushed:
I hope you smell like old fish and have the most annoying habits, otherwise I'm so going to envy your wife. :screamcat:
I was surprised when Aimoz was already on the ice again last weekend, I thought he had injured himself more seriously in before - didn't watch that event, just saw him crying in the preview picture and decided I didn't need to see that...
Then he completely messed up his jumps in the short, which was so sad because first he's always such a beautiful skater and second because that program is even more beautiful than his usual ones. Then the relief when the free skating went extremely well... of course the placing messed up, but nice to see... Hopefully he will be fine and shine in the Olympics.

I'm really worried about Hanyu, if he will be able to take part in the Olympics and if he does, if he will be in good enough form. His whole career is so full of injuries and health issues, it would be incredible if he became Olympic champion for the third time despite that - even if it's very unlikely, Chen will most likely take it, and then there are also Zhou and Shoma Uno and Kagiyama... even one of the young Russians or the Italians could, on their day, win, if the others fail...

The women's competition in Grenoble was surprisingly nice. In recent years I have started to feel rather bored or even annoyed by the women's, but that one was nice. Kostornaia is a really interesting skater, with her own way in that machine that produces Russian skater girl glory, and Wakaba Higuchi was a pleasure to watch as well.