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First Medal Ever


Oct 9, 2011
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Great drive on the 1st, awesome par on the 2nd... Callaway X-24 Hot Irons Was hopeless off the tee for every hole afterwards and didn't get any other pars...

No major car crashes... until the 18th.Ping G15 HybridDuffed drive, recovery shot back onto the fairway, hooked my 3wood into rough and lost it, back to square "3" and sliced my 3wood into a bunker, 6 foot deep bunker didn't allow me to escape first time, TaylorMade R11 Ironssecond shot went pinging out like a exocet and landed just shy of the path and OOB, etc. etc. etc. Holed out finally for a dirty dozen. G20 DriverSecond worst ever score on the course (3 months and about 20+ rounds).

I didn't feel pressured, the company was good and the weather wasn't great but not tough.

Why the hell are medals so bloody tough?