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First ride on Hed Belgium C2 rims...

Jun 18, 2009
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Got my new wheels friday (Hed belgium rims on DT240 hubs) and finally got a chance to ride today. Put on some new 23mm GP4000s, inflated them to 90psi and hit the road.

Very nice ride. Definitely smooths out rough road.

Tires somehow feel more round. Can you really figure this one out. Also, you do feel like you have more tire on the road when cornering.

I think Hed's onto something here. I know Velocity has some similar rims too. Be interesting to see if anyone else follows suit.
Mar 10, 2009
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Sounds like you have your wheel set pretty much dialed in.

I'm currently having a 32H set built-up with Campy Record hubs, DT competition spokes, brass nipples, etc. I'll be running Conti 4000S tires as well.

I'll let you know about the wheels' performance in the next couple of weeks.