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Floyd Landis' bike

Jul 6, 2009
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i have a specialized frame singed by s.ogrady f.cancelarra. b.julich d.zabriskie j.voight and also c.evans and c.horner. my other bike a fuji is singed by carlos sastre.
the truth. said:
would rather listen to my blood drip onto the kitchen floor, than own the bike of an unrepentive cheat.

it is worthless
infected with shame

What a crock. FLandis is no different than any other rider who has placed in the top ten of the TdF during the last fifteen years. I don't see any of them going out of their way to admit what they did. Not a single one has come forward to admit what they did unless they were caught or about to be exposed. Most still deny it even after that.

The real question is why would anyone pay a premium for a pro's bike that was not used for anything special.
Mar 19, 2009
I bought that same exact frame and fork without all the decals and the signature, for a fraction of the price. I'm perplexed as well. Who would want to have Floyd's bike anyway? If you want a former controversial ex-pros bike that is actually worth something, find one of Pantani's old Carreras and let the bidding begin.
Mar 13, 2009
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I have some old pro jerseys from disgraced teams and riders, for exactly the same reason I would buy this bike. They were cheaper than the equivalent not steeped in shame items, as an after thought its funny to look at your collection after and realise the common thread. If you wanted value on a disgraced frame from floyd surely the BMC from "that" stage would be worth more than the equivalent non shamed ride.
If you believe that all pros are equally dirty that has to be one of the performances of cycling all time.

So RDV you aren't big on anything asian or just manufacturing?
Aug 13, 2009
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Anybody wanna buy my signed chicken jersey?