Floyd says...you've got to legalise VOTE

Should doping be legalized like Floyd suggests?

  • No - do not legalize doping

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We have the thread "Floyd says...you've got to legalise doping", but the volume of commentary in that thread has been enough to make it a bit hard/time consuming to get an overall consensus by reading through all the posts. So I thought it would be easier and maybe interesting to capture the overall consensus in a new thread. The idea of the new thread is to just capture the vote. Simply, it just 'yes' or 'no' to the legalizing doping question.

I've got an idea what the poll results will look like, but after seeing some results of other polls I was not so sure of myself.

Admins... if there's a way to merge the two threads or add a poll to the original thread, that would be preferable.