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Former pro runner hassled by Dutch journalists over omerta breach


You'll want to google translate this if you don't read Dutch.

Among the commenters is a legendary trainer (saw some world records) who in the 80's gave doping symposiums to invited trainers in NL and BE. Worked for the Royal Dutch Athletic Union, and employed an infamous steroids dealer/doctor. Famous from TV, showed up as expert on training issues on sport talkshows.
But doesn't mind showing his name in public, interfering with doping conversation, usually without offering any (textual) substance. He likes to diss me even before I respond to a random doping related issue, and I like to out him as the scum that he is, feeding what I know little by little, always keeping some in reserve :)

I don't really know what to think of the recent surge and consistency in marathon running times. And the lack of non-Kenyans sharing in the prize money. Some good other discussions on that here in the Clinic.
This thread is just to show the journalistic moral in The Netherlands. And that it's not 100% of them, there are good ones.