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France's world cup winners took EPO?

Jul 4, 2009
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VeloFidelis said:
No way Man!! Only pro cyclist dope!... No wait... they're the ones that get punished for it... yeah... that's it.

...and a hot rumour during that period claimed that all of the drug tests taken after the final game were "lost" by, oddly enough, a lab in France that would gain some undue fame in cycling circles soon thereafter...

...repeat...just a rumour...but it does dovetail rather nicely into their later notoriety does it not...as in(to paraphrase Willie) "there is something rotten in the drug labs of France"...( as in, who were those other folks named in that Puerto thingee...as in, some can hide others are open targets... )


Mar 4, 2010
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The Hitch said:
Is it true that only 2 of the players had high hermatocrits (as paveton argued in the thread cobblestoned linked).
If so, would that suggest the rest werent doping?

Who knows? Paclet says "several" (which I would interpret as more than just 2) abnormally high crits while the doctor of the -98 team denies that there were any high crits and only some slightly low hct's due to fatigue...

Edit: "On peut avoir de forts soupçons quand on connaît les clubs où certains joueurs évoluaient, notamment ceux du Championnat en Italie." Obviously more than just 2 players from one club according to Paclet...

Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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Anyone remember Alex Ferguson complaining that his (Manchester Utd) players were given injections before the '98 World Cup?

The English F.A. were quick to say it was vitamins etc.