Gang of women arrested in drugs, liquor, steroids bust

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Gang of women arrested in drugs, liquor, steroids bust
KUWAIT CITY, June 12: A team of officers from the General Criminal Security Department, headed by Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Abdul Hameed Al-Awadi, arrested a drug trafficking gang.

Acting on a tip-off, the team raided the apartment of a Kuwaiti woman who was arrested along with a Bedoun. The officers found one gram of shabu (methamphetamine) and a huge quantity of narcotic pills in their possession. During interrogation, the two suspects admitted to consuming and trafficking in drugs.

They told the investigators that they got the drugs from another Kuwaiti woman and her housemaid — a Filipina. The team later arrested the Kuwaiti woman and the Filipina housemaid in the house of the former, leading to the discovery of two kilograms of hashish, 200 grams of heroin, 50 grams of marijuana, two small bags of shabu, 20 Larika pills, a huge quantity of other narcotic pills and 25 bottles of imported alcohol.

They also found a big quantity of hormonal medicines, protein tablets and injections, and steroids worth about KD (Kuwaiti dinar) 200,000 (1 Dinar = 3.3 US $). These substances were referred to the ministries of Health, Commerce and Industry which affirmed the woman violated the law as some of the products were expired and not fit for human consumption. The housemaid disclosed that her sponsor possesses all these narcotic substances, admitting that she helps her sell the drugs.