Gear Ratio's

Hi Guys

After spending the weekend in Belgium for RvV I was intruiged by the gear ratios what they pros used compared with myself and others.

My background of cycling has come from MTB to Road. I still MTB, but mostly its Road now for me.

My MTB has a front crankset of 42x32x24 my Cassette is a 11-36 10 Speed.
My winter road bike 52x42x30 with a cassette of 12-26

I am trying to understand the difference of my MTB to my Road Bike. Basically When I am in my bigger ring on my road bike (52) there is more chain over the crank therefore I can generate (in theory) more forward movement?

Is it really the higher end and lower end ratios that make a bigger difference between disciplines? I read that some of the guys were riding 12-25 on their cassettes on Sunday (the pro's that is). What range do they have available?

Cheers, this maybe all simple to seasoned guys, I just want to understand it a little better.
Aug 4, 2009
It was always thought that the biger the chain ring the more power output but then you must be able to push it.

If you have a 48 tooth chain ring and a 56 tooth chain ring with same gear size it is deemed to produce more power (maybe)

At one point in time we had people useing 60 and 65 tooth chainrings but it didnt catch on even in roler racing.

Campy would have 11X25 with 54X39 or 54X42 something like that but they have personal choice and can mix and match different cogs.
Personaly I would ask for a 29 sprocket these days but 30 years ago I could get around on a 21 or 23. Bearing in mind you need to stay in the seat on the cobbled climbs



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