General Doping Thread.

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Unnamed US law enforcement agency reported to be on the trail of Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare, who popped a positive for HGH ahead of the Tokyo Games, under the controversial World Anti-Doping Police legislation, the Rodchenkov Act.

A major United States law enforcement agency is now pursuing the anti-doping case involving provisionally suspended Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter.
The Blessing Okagbare case just got better. As well as the HGH AAF from a July 19 OOC test, and as well as the unnamed US law enforcement agency hot on her trail, the AIU has just hit her with a second AAF to contend with, an EPO positive from a June 20 OOC test.
The athlete has also been charged with the presence and use of a prohibited substance following the detection of recombinant erythropoietin (EPO) in a sample collected out-of-competition on 20th June in Nigeria. The AIU requested EPO analysis be conducted on the sample on 29th July and the adverse analytical finding was reported to the AIU on 12th August. Ms Okagbare was notified of the adverse analytical finding on 20th August.
Is EPO enjoying resurgent popularity, is the number of recent EPO cases just down to this being an Olympic year, has EPO testing (glow time) changed?