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I'm a bit concerned (as well as miffed) that one main reason Sardinia has been cancelled is down to funding of tv coverage.
If Rai is now expecting races to foot the bill and they cover just about every major Italian race on the calender...................
Jan 27, 2011
theyoungest said:
Do you think someone with the user name "greenedge" is British?
Fair enough, shouldve said something else then "you". But its early and hungover, so forgive me, youngest :p
Jul 16, 2010
Waterloo Sunrise said:
Glad someone said it.

We're in Europe, but not in the *** currency zone perma-crisis sense, which is all the rest of the world sees when it looks at mainland Europe anymore.
Yeah, because Britain's economic policy was so brilliant in the 20th century when they still had some authority in the world :rolleyes:

Let's see

1925: Brits re-introduce the Gold standard that was abolished during World War I. They even introduce the same gold parity as before the War. Too bad they were not smart enough to realize there was huge inflation in Europe and that re-introducing the Gold Standard would lead to major problems... Other countries at least took a lower gold parity than Britain and suffered less. With the exception of Germany as the treaty of Versailles was a huge burden for them and they didn't leave the gold standard after the Great Depression like other European countries, which eventually led to the rise of Nazism.

1929: Great Depression starts.
1930: Big bank crisis in Western countries. Does Britain react? No, they think the banks will solve their own problems. Very smart!
1931: Britain finally leaves the Gold standard and devaluates their currency. Prises rise, but wages remain stable and unemployment is as high as ever. No maco-economic policy existed.

After World War 2:

Great Britain had a low ratio of investments. Great Britain mostly invested in traditional industries and didn't finance research and development nearly as much as Germany did in high technology(cars, electricity, aviation). Great Britain also lacked hard sciences at universities, leaving their labour forces to be under-educated compared to German labour forces. The Labour unions of Britain were formed on the basis of qualifications of the laborers instead of per industry sector. Thus a weak compromise culture was established which influenced the Total Factor Productivity. So Germany easily eclipsed Great Britain during the 20th century.

Something tells me we don't need to take British advice on economic policies all that serious :rolleyes:

Ps: colonialism was a European phenomenon* which is why I didn't specify my self.

* China also went on to explore the world. In the 15th century, the Emperor send Zheng He with a fleet to investigate the Arabian and African coasts to establish diplomatic relations and trade routes. He brought back many gifts like giraffes. But after that China went into isolation and abondonned their exploration journeys and that's one of the many reasons why Europeans got the upper hand eventually. Guess which modern day country is going into an isolation? ;)
Spoke too soon :(
Giro di Sardegna back into cold storage for a year or two

TourOfSardinia said:

roughly translates as:

The thirtieth edition of the Giro di Sardegna professional cycling will start Tuesday, February 21 from Piazza Unione Sarda. The international stage race did not start from the capital for fifteen years. The last time was in 1997 when the district was the inaugural one-Cagliari Cagliari from Verona Minali won in a sprint finish. This time, instead of the first stage will be from Cagliari to Villacidro. The rest of the route will be unveiled in the coming days, when the organizer will melt the last reserves related (needless to say) to regional contribution. It is known that there is a half-stage individual time trial in Oristano and a final arrival in slope, which will determine the winner. The best Pro Tour teams have asked to participate but the number of teams allowed (which depends on the budget) and their list will be decided in the next few weeks. The race will end on Saturday 25 February and the next day, in the Gallura, Sardinia will play the Classic.

Feb 15, 2011
jens_attacks said:
oh please keep the cultural,linguistics,history crrap out of here please.nobody cares who invented australia.

awesome that milano-torino is back.great race awesome history
I don't know very much about that race. When is it?
Jan 11, 2010
“He told me in a private situation, when I wasn’t working as a journalist. I was sat in the bedroom some years ago, and I asked him point blank, ‘look Lance, the way I talked you up on television, I would have to back off and resign if you one day went positive’. And he looked at me and he said ‘man I’ve seen death in the face and I don’t take drugs.’ And that’s all he said. I have no reason to disbelieve him.”
He really is the British answer to Mart Smeets. What a tool.
Jun 16, 2009
Seems that Giro del Friuli has been cancelled for just 2012 due to the race director. There is an article in Italian about it.
Sep 8, 2010
Race organiser Gianni Biz provided prostitutes from outside the EU to people who would later secure several sponsorship deals for his sports club.