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Giro 2017, stage 7: Castrovillari - Alberobello 224 KM

Everyone expecting this thread to be so boring nobody's even started a thread yet? :p
We don't even have to work, thanks to Eshnar.

Eshnar said:
STAGE 7: Castrovillari – Alberobello 224 km




Technical Overview:
Stage 7 is a long but fairly easy one, that can be divided into two parts: the first part is completely flat along the coast of the Ionian see, almost entirely straight for over 100 km, where the only difficulty might be crosswinds, which are actually quite likely, albeit they're usually weak. The second part of the stage goes into the inland of the Puglia region, where after the first intermediate sprint the only GPM of the day starts. Bosco delle Pianelle (GPM4, 4.9 km at 3.6%) isn't exactly a big deal for a professional peloton. Once through it, the riders will face a bit of an irregular terrain, without particular difficulties but with some little ramps here and there. The finale (see map) is quite weird, regarding both the profile and the planimetry. There are some significant gradients (4-5% in small ramps) and very tricky bends inside the town of Alberobello, where the stage finishes.



The Climbs:
Bosco delle Pianelle GPM4
Did you expect a profile? Lol :eek:

What to expect:
Bunch sprint obviously, but a very nervous one. As I mentioned, crosswinds are likely but they should be weak, and even in case they do damage, they will occur at 100+ kms to go... hard to believe they'll mean anything. The final kms, on the other hand, will be extremely tricky for a presumably full peloton.

Up and down, and round and around in the last 5 km - breakaway could take it, or 1 strong man pinging off the front in the last 5 km. Just hope all come home safe.
Prediction - someone from a lesser team to take the break all the way.
May 12, 2017
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Jungle Cycle said:
I'm hopping for a bigger break with more ambitious attackers to question the ability or will of a over cautious peloton just before a big weekend..

That was also a problem yesterday, even the attackers weren't going for it like we see sometimes in Giro or TdF, especially when the leader (QST) announces they wouldn't chase the attackers.
Group of 10+ men, big battle in beginning of stage knowing if you're gone you might win the stage. Now Andreetta gets a nice 4th place.

I can't believe that Quintana needs 8 teammates to protect him on a flat stage, or that losing energy now will have consequences in the third week of this giro.

I think a lot of Belgian fans have stopped watching this GT unfortunately, weak commentary, no battling. Only the real fans are watching so this ain't good for cycling.
This is gonna be another snoozefest.
2-3 riders are gonna be interested in a breakaway. They'll make it and then they'll be reeled back 20 kms to go.
Lots of infighting and a crash in the techical finish and a reduced bunch sprint.

Edit: Greipel to get bottles for the team. :lol: