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Giro d’Abruzzo 9 to 12 April 2024 (2.1)

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Nah, flying to the Netherlands tomorrow after finish a stage race with 2 challenging final stage only to take part in the unofficial motopacing WC seems rather stressfull. I'd rather have some rest and start LBL well rested and prepared.
It worked fairly well last year when there only was one day off between Sicily and Amstel as well. But it doesn't seem to be the plan this time. "I came here directly from Teide and the next objectives will be Liège and then the Tour de Romandie" is what Lutsenko said yesterday
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That's true, but the extra stress from travelling + long one day race right after a stage race probably didn't help.
In the TotA people often dropped out one day early to be ready for LBL.
It was "only" four days in a pretty weak field. They might travel tonight or tomorrow morning.

They will be there tomorrow by lunch and probably do a ride in the afternoon. Dinner at night.

It is not really "stressful" to travel if it has been planned right and there are no delays. These guys are pretty used to it.
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So is Lutsenko now the favorite for the Tour? Is he even riding the Tour?
according to today's post race interview, he is:

"The Olympic Games are a big goal for me and for Kazakhstan this year. Two years [ago], Evgeny Fedorov won the u23 world championship ten years after me and now we have the Olympics twelve years after Alexandr Vinokourov won in London. The Tour de France is equally important for the team so I’ll have to win a stage there and I’ll also target the world championship later this year"