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Giro d'Italia Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 19: Mortegliano - Sappada, 157k

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That was the most Thomas thing I've ever seen.
Stiff competition.


May 10, 2024
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Thomas nearly levelling this year's TDF playing field. I guess cycling is exciting because of the illusion of predictability that gets shattered from time to time.
I wonder if making cycling too safe would kill it?
Congrats to Vendrame on a convincing victory from a very strong breakaway! Peleton took it easy today but Rubio decided to stretch legs a bit on the last climb. Most interesting action at the end. G. and his typical low-probability crash :tearsofjoy: @Netserk the crash in the first photo is still unequalled!

numb cold hands on wet brake hoods. it was a rainy cold uphill finish in Romandie above 2000 meters, snow on the roadside
Looks like I missed nothing important.

Honestly the combinatino of the stage 18 and 21 being flat stages, and 19 being a nailed on breakaway with little chance of GC significance is just extremely lethargic.
In fairness, the GC action at this Giro has been bad, while the non-GC action has been very good. This stage was infinitely better than Prati di Tivo/Selva di Bocca. Stage 17 saved by the opening and DSM random descent attacks.
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