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Giro d'Italia Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 21: Roma (EUR) – Roma, 125.0k

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Beautifull jersey from Majka!
He has expressed interest in the classics next year. Hopefully he does because I cba seeing him in another GT.

Winning E3 would be the funniest thing he can possibly do.
Those uninspiring rides through the Northern French countryside either alongside Bradley Wiggins or on the ground are probably where he caught the GC virus and he‘ll look to infect Magnus Sheffield
Dan Lloyd signs off by thanking all of his colleagues except Adam Blythe.

I thought it was a bit like a retirement speech rather than a "the race is ending" kind of speech, but I had to tip my hat to him for the omission.

Then he went and ruined it by coming back and saying he forgot to thank Adam.

While I think many of us would love to forget Adam Blythe, massive minus points to Dan for reminding us of him.
Karsten Migels imagining a MTF at San Luca in the Tour, fits right in with Jens Voigt asking if the Circus Maximus is the place Ben Hur was filmed (I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not because it’s Jens) and asking if the final lap will be GC-neutral which they somehow related to Vegni apparently wanting the riders to ride Umbrail in the snow. A bit chaotic as always this commentary