Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 6: Castrovillari – Matera 188 km

Aaand on we go. It's Sagan time

Stage 6: Castrovillari – Matera 188 km
Thursday, October 8th, 11:40 CEST

Technical Overview:
Here comes a medium mountain stage with an interesting finale. The stage is hard since the very beginning: from the starting line in Castrovillari the riders will immediately begin climbing towards the first (uncategorized) climb of the day, measuring around 11 km at 4.5%. At the top there is a short plateau and then a fast descent, leading to yet another climb (up to now, the riders will have seen very little flat since the beginning of the race). This second climb is longer but somewhat easier than the first. Just like the first however, it is uncategorized: 15 km at 3.8%. After its descent, which includes a short ramp to the first intermediate sprint in S.Severino Lucano, the peloton will finally hit a long flat section that will last for about 80 km. This also contains the second intermediate sprint, Craco–Peschiera. At 31 km to go the flat ends and the only categorized climb of the day begins. Millotta (GPM3, 4.7km at 6.8%) is an average climb but relatively close to the finish so the riders will have to pay attention here. It tops at 26 km to go, 8 of which are a descent. At the bottom there are only 7 km of flat before the road starts ascending again towards the finishing town of Matera, famous for its houses carved into the rock where people have been living since the Paleolythic. Until 4 km to go the slopes will be very gentle. Then, after a short descending false flat there will be a 750m ramp at 6.3%, which ends at 2 km to go. From there on it’s only false flat left, first descending and then ascending again.

The Climbs:
Millotta: GPM3, 4.7km at 6.8%

A weirdly hard climb on a three-lane road. No official profile.

What to expect:
Maybe a breakaway, otherwise the attackers will have a golden opportunity to attack from the peloton, either on the climb of Millotta or, more likely, directly on the final ramp at 2 km to go. The finale will be very nervous, and some GC guy might get caught napping and lose time in a split if they are not careful.

I Sassi di Matera
Reactions: JosefK
The last 3 km has a lot of twists and turns, so I can imagine several punchy riders trying to get away on that final ramp, hoping that the chase behind will be disorganised. Sagan would do well do follow guys like Ulissi or Battaglin there.