Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2021 stage 11: Perugia – Montalcino 162 km

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I mean someone like Ciccone was dropped much later and lost almost as much time so in regards to everyone else who was dropped, I'd say he did well after being dropped.
Almeida held the gap for him at 1:10 or so for a long time. Then Evenepoel had another crisis and it went out to 2 mins at which point it looked like he was going to lose huge time, but he clearly managed to pull himself back together again. He basically lost nothing on anybody in the last few km.
He's 7th in GC now. I don't think there were many followers who would have called that a bad result before stage 1.
If this was just an isolated bad day, he needs to regroup and nice things can happen during the next ten days.
He has proven before that he learns quickly, so he needs to use this experience to improve. Nobody learns by winning with a 10 minute gap.