Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2021 stage 11: Perugia – Montalcino 162 km

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Caruso is really flying under the radar. He has been consistently around the 5th-6th best GC rider after The Landissimo crashed out. I can totally see him netting Bahrain a top 5 if all goes well. He is known for his consistency even in the high mountains.
Now seems pretty obvious Giro was Bahrain's prime target this season.
The team's on great form overall. It was just bad luck.
Certainly not over for Remco but he now has to take time in the big mountains not just limit losses for an overall challenge and a podium push begins to look hard given we've seen several of the guys up there do very well in the high stuff.

Really impressed with Vlasov and Carthy (given I think this was horrid for him) today.

Never know what to think about Yates. Sometimes it feels like he causes his own issues with his proclivity for posterior positioning but he did well to stick that out too.
I don't think Roglic has raced Strade, and Pogacar wasn't far off and I feel today would have suited him more anyway. I mean he likely is with that main group til that last climb as is Roglic and I'd fancy them to win then.
Yeah, I was referring to Pogacar mainly, and yes, he wasn't far off, but off he was. I don't see why he would have been ahead today.
Great ride by Bernal and surprisingly great rides by Buchmann and Foss. Vlasov, Caruso, Yates, Carthy all very good as well. Strong domestique work for the Ineos guys, Almeida and LuLe Sanchez. Very good stage. Would have liked it better if the relevant GC riders had battled for the stage win as well, but congrats to Schmid for the victory.
Tbf last time was 2017, he's a far better cyclist now
He did it 2018.

it's in the bag- for Hugh Carthy to repeat his Angrilu heroics on Zoncolan and Sega di Ala, and then TT at Roglic's pace in the final TT. I expect him to win by five minutes or so
Carthy is the favourite for sure

Fausto Masnada to get that KOM jersey now he doesn't have to fetch bottles for the Belgian Simon Spilak.