Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, Stage 6: Napoli – Napoli 162 km

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Thursday, May 11th, 12:55 – 17:10 CEST



Technical Overview:

From Napoli to Napoli again, just like last year… the route is very different though. The peloton will go east this time, riding along the side of the Vesuvius, pass by Pompeii and then get to the first intermediate sprint in Sant’Antonio Abate, at which point they will start climbing. Valico di Chiunzi (GPM2, 8.3 km at 6.3%) is a good climb to form a strong breakaway, on a stage that is very favourable for it. It is followed by another ramp just after the top, Colle San Pietro, with around 3 km at just over 5%. Then, an 11 km long descent will bring everyone onto the most appealing part of this stage, the stunning views of the Costiera Amalfitana, starting from the town of Amalfi itself. This ragged coast will last up until the second and last climb of the day, the easy Picco Sant’Angelo (GPM3, 7.6 km at 3.8%). Its descent brings to the town of Sorrento, the second intermediate sprint. From here on it is smooth sailing, as the remaining roads are all flat along the coast, with only the small ramp before Castellammare di Stabia left, roughly 2.5 km at 5%. The last 35 km are pan flat, with only some minor bumps, including one at 2 km to go that should not pose any real problems for the sprint.


The Climbs:

Valico di Chiunzi
: GPM2, 8.3 km at 6.3%

A solid and very regular climb, that comes with an official profile, including the bonus ramp of Colle San Pietro after it.


Picco Sant’Angelo: GPM3, 7.6 km at 3.8%

A lot easier than the previous climb. Only the last km is quite steep, at 7-8%. (added a profile)

What to Expect:

The breakaway has a huge opportunity, the terrain will not help the peloton until the final 55 km, so I doubt they will bother chasing. The battle for and within the breakaway, as well as the views, will provide most of the enjoyment of this stage.


Positano, Costiera Amalfitana
Hopefully some better weather and if a team got through yesterday unscathed then a good chance to see how the competition are.
2 races, one for the breakaway and one for GC and one eye on Friday's important stage.
What do you forsee happening in the GC?
I would have a small bet on UAE trying to send McNulty up the road again, otherwise UAE & Ineos should up the pace to see how Remco & Roglic are. Big day on Friday though so could well be the breakaway and then GC guys afterwards. Whoever rides on the front at the start will be interesting.

EDIT - Just listened to QS doctor saying "tomorrow he (Remco) will have a difficult day" - mmm, not good.
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would be very surprised to see any GC action as well. I still don't think it's a clear sprint, though. Those roads to and down the Amalfi coast will make it difficult to organize a proper chase.

But obviously, it first needs a strong breakaway, and that's a bit questionable, as many of the better guys for it need so save themselves for domestique duties tomorrow.