Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023 Stage 8: Terni – Fossombrone 207 km

God it tilts me that the Giro and Tour prefixes are the wrong color
Stage 8: Terni – Fossombrone 207 km

Saturday, May 13th, 11:50 – 17:10 CEST



Technical Overview:

A beautiful hilly stage to start off the second weekend. From Terni, the riders will head north and start climbing almost immediately towards the inexplicably uncategorized Valico della Somma (5 km at 5.6%, plus 6 km of some false flat at the beginning). This is not a big medium mountain stage though. The road will ease off after this, and the peloton will enjoy more than 130 km of mostly flat roads, with a few false flats here and there. The only points of interest here will be the two intermediate sprints of Foligno and Sigillo, which will very likely be contested by the breakaway. The real fun starts very late in the day, at 52 km to go, with a really tough final circuit around the finishing town of Fossombrone. The climb to I Cappuccini (GPM4, 2.8 km at 7.9%), short and steep, will be the first and last categorized climb of the day, topping first at 50 km. After this ascent, the riders will also face the Monte delle Cesane (GPM2, 7.8 km at 6.5%), a longer and very irregular climb that features some really steep sections. The top is at 36 km to go, and is followed by 11 km of descent, after which there are 18 km of rolling terrain that start with a small climb of just under 1 km at around 9%. Finally, at about 8 km to go, the final climb to I Cappuccini will start, with the top at 5.8 km to go, the perfect launch pad for any attack.


The Climbs:

I Cappuccini
: GPM4, 2.8 km at 7.9%

The same climb as in the 2019 Tirreno Adriatico, although that time they climb it twice back to back, while this time there will be a lot more terrain in between. It is a short and steep wall, typical of this part of Italy.


Monte delle Cesane: GPM2, 7.8 km at 6.5%

A very irregular climb with a big ramp at the start, including a full km at 12%.


What to Expect:

GC contenders can and should go all out here, at least on the final climb. There is very little reason not to, since there is basically no flat in the end and bonus seconds are a thing. The only problem is that tomorrow there is a very important ITT and someone might be tempted to spare any drop of energy for it. On the other hand, all the biggest favourites of this Giro should not be scared by a time trial…


Aleksey Lutsenko winning in Fossombrone, Tirreno - Adriatico 2019
Likely there will be some racing in the last third of the stage. As at minimum you want to be positioned well. If some teams will start early on. By sending some stronger riders in the breakaway. That should be interesting to see.
Remco should be the one attacking tomorrow. This weekend is his chance to put a stranglehold over the giro.

Tomorrow is basically a San Sabastien course. His two wins have come by more than a minute (he'd have won by 3 minutes last year if he didn't ride the final km like he was Hulk Hogan). Combine that with Sunday's TT, he should have a very nice lead
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GC guys after today: "There was a tricky descent at the end and it made no sense to risk before the TT"
GC guys after Crans Montana: "We were preparing for this stage but they cancelled high-altitude passes so we decided to seek our chance in a sprint"
GC guys after Tre-Cime: "It was a cold and windy stage and Remco looked good anyway so it's better not to risk everything and save energy for the last TT, which will be decisive"
GC guys before the last TT (turned into a hilly one due to logistics): "There will be an epic fight for the remaining podium places!"
The decisive part of yesterday's climb was rather steep, mostly in 8-10% range.
4km 8% just isn't very decisive, the stage had been very easy before that and domestiques pacing it hard isn't gonna do very much either with a big headwind.

On Sassotetto in Tirreno, which is a much harder climb, nearly everyone tried to get away but they all got blown back and Roglic won because he had been sitting in 15th wheel all climb.
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