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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2024 Stage 17: Selva di Val Gardena/Wolkenstein in Gröden – Passo Brocon, 159.0k

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Also, on this day we got to see the emergence of Pog the Generous, padding his GC lead but without the Cannibal impulse.

Maybe this is the reason he didn't go for the win. He's running out of space!


He'll just have to come back next year. Then he'll wear #1, and thus have more space.
It was a 2km murito, though, I don't see what Arensman could have offered other than an extra five seconds or so.

Who knows, but indeed likely less time would be lost. What we know happened is team leader was abandoned and he shifted a GC place, on top of that Arensman didn't secure white jersey.

Can't defend *** on 12%. Arensman was right to ride his own race, and he should ride his own race from here on an out including today if these mindless chickens in the Ineos car had any clue.

I assume that Thomas was/is the (sole) leader and if that is the case then no. As for what will happen in the remainder of the race, that is to be seen. If Arensman will work for Thomas then there is still a slim possibility they can get second in GC back. If not, then likely third place is in jeopardy too. Today the disciplining happened and lets see on what effect it had.