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Giro d'Italia Stage 10: Avellino - Bitonto (230km)

Although the weather is continuously trying to hold them back, the peloton must continue, and the races rumbles on on the 2nd longest stage of the Giro, a 230km rolling affair which travels across 'the Boot' from the city of Avellino in Campania (which fans will know as the original ancestral Italian hometown of the Soprano family from the famous TV series) to Bitonto in Puglia, a city known for its high quality olive oil, which is exported globally.

With the final 50km or so being largely flat or downhill, I can't really look past a sprint finish. Perhaps a large multi-team breakaway (like on stage 8) might have enough collective strength to have a go over the stage, because no team will have an incentive to chase early, but even then it's no guarantee. Certainly I don't think a 3-5 man group could survive an entire 230km stage on the attack... Potentially in bad weather too. I'll go with Farrar, just for kicks.


Jun 22, 2009
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With Wednesday's 262km stage in mind (tough course too...), I expect these guys to have a very easy day in the saddle.

I'll tip a break to win by 5-10 minutes over the peleton.
Apr 26, 2010
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Does not look to streanous on the riders. Same here, I'll go with the breakaway, the sprint teams will perhaps calm down a bit, especially since HTC got its win and is under less pressure now that Matt Goss to a stage.
Ten - eleven men breakaway will go, only about four will come to the line together, after which the sprint will be won by an Italian from either Acqua or Androni :D I hope
The weather is due to improve by Wednesday and hopefully the second half (mountains) of the race will be blessed.
Tomorrow, it's so-so. Befitting this long, trulli house viewing stage.

I'd go with Farrar, too........................unless there's another Australian out there.:rolleyes:
Aug 18, 2009
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Ferminal said:
He's winning the Lantern!

Btw, what happened yesterday to lose so many riders off the back? I only saw the last 20km or so.

Any crashes or "just" the rain/wind?

The latter. Columbia + Astana were pulling really hard towards the end. Plus there was standing water like a foot deep at points in the stage. Astana succeeded in dropping Evans for a while. I don't know if HTC were just trying to catch the break, or lose Farrar. In fact they dropped Greipel, pretty sure, but might have been conciously working for Goss.
May 16, 2010
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taiwan said:
I wonder what dastardly twist Angelo Zomegan has incorporated in this stage. A cattle stampede perhaps?

Well, there is this thing called a volcano in Iceland which is wreaking havoc with airspace all over Europe. Perhaps a lava flow??? :p
issoisso said:
The last 5 kms will be raced on folding bikes. The riders won't be informed until then.

And on open roads.

During rush hour.

With London's finest Serrotta riding merchant bankers who have no cycling etiquette whatsoever and who are told that there's £50k cash for the first to the line.