Gloves for cycling

Dec 17, 2019
Hey everyone!

I'm always dipping in out of this forum for help and inspiration.

I'm wondering if you guys have any good recommendations when it comes to gloves? Sounds simple I know, but I want a pair that aren't too expensive, waterproof - now we're well into winter - and warm. I was looking at some like these

Has anyone got any good recommendations?

Ah, the age old question. The short answer is that pretty much any gloves you might want to wear on the bike will get wet and cold at some point. Doesn't matter if they're waterproof, they have a big hole in one end to put your hand in and water will almost certainly find its way in at some point. Even if water doesn't get in your hands will sweat and this will soak them from the inside. Once the gloves are wet it's only a matter of time until the wind cools them down.

That said, I've had a lot of luck with DexShell Ultra Flex gloves. The wool keeps my hands reasonably warm by trapping some air in there to warm up, even when wet, and the waterproof membrane with wool on top does a good job of cutting the wind out. I've tried a few different Sealskinz gloves, neoprene gloves from Endura and Castelli and even thin running gloves (which are surprisingly good, they trap the air quite well to keep you warm) etc. and these are the best so far. They're also fairly cheap in comparison to some.

If you want warm hands no matter the weather then you need Barmitts:

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