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Good God what is this ?

Jul 2, 2009
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53 x 11 said:
More like 90's.

The bike in the background is from 97. As used by Berzin.

More photos here. http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/my_bianchi/berchen.htm

This TT frame was actually used by Berzin for two years during the 1995-1996 seasons.

He looked incredible on it. That was one hell of a bike design-everything custom-built to his specs, including the handlebars and fork, which used a dropout design to shield the front wheel skewer from the wind.

By the way, the particular frame in the picture posted by 53 X 11 is not Berzin's frame-his had a much smaller head tube and different handlebars. This was probably either a frame used by one of the taller riders on the Gewiss team or a special custom order for a cycling enthusiast.