Good God what is this ?

Jul 2, 2009

53 x 11 said:
More like 90's.

The bike in the background is from 97. As used by Berzin.

More photos here.

This TT frame was actually used by Berzin for two years during the 1995-1996 seasons.

He looked incredible on it. That was one hell of a bike design-everything custom-built to his specs, including the handlebars and fork, which used a dropout design to shield the front wheel skewer from the wind.

By the way, the particular frame in the picture posted by 53 X 11 is not Berzin's frame-his had a much smaller head tube and different handlebars. This was probably either a frame used by one of the taller riders on the Gewiss team or a special custom order for a cycling enthusiast.
Johan Museeuw used a similar frame at Paris-Roubaix one year. his pedals were so tight, he had a problem unclipping when he had to do a bike change.
i think it was the year Tchmil won, if memory serves.