GP Miguel Indurain

Mar 29, 2009
what was going on at the end? Did a cameraman take out Valverde or did the Spaniard just get dropped.
Mar 10, 2009
I saw the same coverage, caisse d'epargne was at the front setting tempo and the camera hit the pave'. Next camera shot to an overhead view of confusion and then the finish with david de la fuente taking the win. I check the finish again here:

Whatever happened, it was a great result for de la fuente and Fuji!
Pretty strange. But it didn't look like the crash took any riders out. My guess is that either Caisse's rhythm was too broken, or they just didn't have it. Either way let's just give credit to Fuente, as he quite possibly would have won regardless. Hope the cameraman is okay, must be scary going down like that.
Mar 18, 2009
Congratulations to de la Fuente!! A classy rider who deserves a nice big win!!
LL Sanchez does all that work, neutralises every attack on the penultimate climb, but Valverde just didn't have the legs.
IMO: He also must be mentally fragile at the moment.
See what he does at the Klassica Primavera on Roubaix Sunday.

Cobo to win another Fuji stage, at Pais Vasco? Can't see him featuring in the GC. Not with a 24kmITT to wrap up the race.