Green Edge / Cycling Australia

Sep 13, 2010
I believe that the Pegasus team was sabotaged by Green Edge / Australian Cycling. The officials at AC would not have liked an "outsider" running a team under the banner of an Australian Team.
What are your thoughts?
Jul 27, 2010
Yeah, a few issues ago in VeloNews, they had an article that suggested this very thing. It does seem suspisious that GreenEdge was announced almost immediately following the Pegasus collapse.
Apr 14, 2010
This topic has been discussed ad-nauseum in other threads with Green Edge and Pegasus in the title. Perhaps they should be merged.

Whilst CA didn't appear to assist Pegasus in its application - and there is no reason why they should - its incorrect to say the sabotaged the Pegasus deal. CA didn't make Gillett pull his backing at the last moment. And didn't cause the sponsor (rumoured to be Red Bull) to run scared when Conti's Clen announcement co-incided with the planned sponsor announcement (not sure Clen were the sort of wings Red Bull wanted to give). Professional sport is tuff, not just for the competitors, but for management. Why should GreenEdge provide significant help to Pegasus? Some in Pegasus had not exactly endeared themselves to the Australian cycling hierarchy over the years. Im sorry for the riders/employees who were left in the cold as a result of the collapse of Pegasus, but throwing responsibility at CA is ridiculous. Pegasus' failure was a result of their own inability to sort the corporate side of things out - and possibly overpromising (in the form of ProTour status) to its backers.
Aug 4, 2009
Unfortunatly I have to agree that lot up there in Sydney are only interested in $$$$$$$ comming in for them so they can travel overseas 3-4 times a year at our expence
also the free lunches they get hob knobing with Government and other sticky beaks.
They have no interest in loocal club grass roots Cycling except for fees and more fees
If Pegasus had sucseeded on a shoe string budget it would have shown CA dont need big Government input and tax cuts.


Apr 1, 2011
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