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Guess Who - Game

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Male? No
European? Yes
Active? As active as she's ever been
Name on PCS actual full name? I believe so. However she only has what they call a national rider profile, so you can only find her through race results on there.
Did she ride her national RR this year? Yes/No*
How about her national ITT? No
Was she standing on the startline of her national RR this year? Yes/No*
Is it Cat Schrödringer? No
Did she start a RR that was the Elite RR? No
From the Faroe Islands? No
Teenager? No
Was the race she rode an entirely different race from the Elite race? It was a bike race with a start and finish, so no

Crosser? No
Did she finish the race? Yes
Did different age categories ride together? (you know, like they do in Denmark) I believe there's only one catch all category in said race
Did she take part in a national championship road race that was not of her registered nation? No
From the British Isles? No

We are talking about the Road Race, right? Coz... that's sort of what I was implying by writing RR? By looking at the answers, you should now be aware that it's a NC road race that wasn't the elite one nor the junior or U23 races
Rode the gravel worlds in 2023? No

Was it some sort of "old ladies" race? No
From country with red on flag? Yes
White on flag? Yes
Blue on flag? Yes
Green on flag? No

Dutch? Yes
(I thought I had copied AC's second question too, but I now see that I hadn't)
Is she known for something other than cycling? Yes
We need some answers to these questions:

She rode in a national series RR in the Netherlands (not the national championship) this year?
Did she podium in a race at that level?
Has she ever competed in a UCI road race?
Did she take part in the Dutch Club Championships in 2023?