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Clara Koppenburg? Yes. Her father Andreas Gösele was a team doctor for both Cervelo and Leopard Trek and is still involved with the Swiss national team.

He brought Clara along to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in 2011, where she got to be an extra helper for the team. They stayed and trained in Colorado after the race. At this point she was a track and field athelete, but had also done other sports. Cycling was however not something she had been engaged in before.

After having joined her father for the 2013 WC in Florence, she finally decided to make the jump. That lead her to RSV Seerose Friedrichshafen, where she met a younger, but a lot more experienced rider named Liane Lippert, who teached her a trick or two.

After her first real cycling experience in Colorado she always wanted to go back and that played a part in her signing with Rally.

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