Help needed please

May 7, 2017

My name is Bill Harrison (68 years old), I am a South African living in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

On the 9th of June I am flying from London to Frankfurt Airport with a friend. We will have our mountain bikes in custom made bike boxes. We are going to cycle down the Main River to the Rhine then to Koblenz, then follow the Moselle to Trier. We may cycle to Luxembourg from Trier if time permits, otherwise take the train. My/our problem is that we need an address of a fellow cyclist living near Luxembourg Airport who is prepared to receive the bike boxes which are 75cm by 30cm by 75cm. Both boxes push into one another to make a single box of the dimensions as stated. We will ask the campsite manager at Bleiau campsite near Frankfurt to arrange a pickup with DHL. We fly from Luxembourg on Sat 17th of June back to London then South Africa. Any suggestions/help greatly appreciated.

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