Help Radioshack clean up their act

Apr 14, 2010
Obviously from Andy's comments today that Team RSNT are unlikely to clean up their act without a little prompting. In this world of money, I say go straight to the heart of the matter.

Kelly Feilke is the Director of Partnership Marketing at Radioshack. Perhaps its worth dropping him a line and pointing out that as a good corporate citizen, they should try forcing their team to clean up there act. Something that replacing their previous team manager/DS with a murky past (JB), with another man with a murky past (Kim Andersen) is unlikely to achieve. If he's happy to take the risk with his company's money, at least he should go in with his eye's open. Let him know about who his potential new manager is.

Though from LinkedIn, I do note he went to University of Texas in Austin. But Im sure that didn't help him get the job.

A sponsor can change things, let him know. Money is the only thing respected in sport these days

Im not sure of his email, but someone may know how to get it from LinkedIn (Im not signed up).