HGH testing and injuries in the NBA

So NBA playoffs are currently under way and there has been an incredible amount of injuries to players: Paul, Love, Irving, Wall, Korver, Horford, Caroll, Gasol, Allen,... Players are twisting their knees/ankles or pulling hammies left and right. Right before the start of the playoffs the NBA announced that they would start blood testing for HGH. Can't help but think the one has something to do with the other so came to the clinic to get some insight from smarter minds.
Mar 13, 2009
nope, HGH does not prevent or cause injuries, not to the extent would be statistically manifest in such short term, if hypothetically one could study it. and I think they are now using peptides that work on your pituitary to release its own exogenous testo, as long as the NBA aint testing for these particular peptides, you can use to your hearts content.

There are only a few labs worldwide, that can test for these peptides. One is in Cologne, or Koln.

caveat: devil's advocate about hgh, there is some literature that says for explosive movements (<think> all T&F efforts under 400m, all field events) that HGH with a chaser of testosterone works to supercharge the type II muscle fibres. Because you often get platitudes from the administrative bodies that hgh is no help. absolute TOSH. And the new peptides allow Bolt to run 9:58 or whatever he ran.