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Historic Pro Bike: Heroes of the Passo di Gavia

Apr 13, 2010
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Nice article about the bike Andrew Hampsten rode in the 1988 Giro over the Passo di Gavia. I do however think it is a bit odd that in the entire article there is no mention of the man who arrived first on the top of the Gavia, namely Johan van der Velde. Who was unable to do a proper descent due to hypothermia. Next the man who won the stage is also not named. Erik Breukink caught Hampsten on the descent and took the stage win at Bormio. Hampsten took the pink jersey and held it to the end thereby creating the myth that he is the hero of the Gavia 88. Surely they are all "Heroes" but I could not let this pass. Moreover since this concerns the blood sweat and tears of fellow countrymen.