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holy cr@poli vid

Jun 20, 2009
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AMAZING stunts (even Mrs Laziali was impressed and she is deeply uninterested in bikes). Good soundtrack too.

Camera-work was reminiscent of some of the crazy stuff Tommy Guerrero and the Powell Peralta boys were recording on street skating vids in the 80's. Good times.:D
Mar 13, 2009
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is he the best out there?

I admire anyone who can do something I can't. It's even more admirable if noone else can do it either. How many other guys are doing this stuff?
Danny's (awesome) video was posted on youtube almost a year ago, and has had over 15 million views (at least 10 of those are from me!).

If you've never seen it until now, you've got to get on some bicycling email lists!