Hour Record Rules Revisted/Revised

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Apr 10, 2011
Congrats Compadre,
Very organized, almost fearless. No whining about temperature, humidity or air pressure. Had the crust to announce the date and appease Belgium with a prime time event. Huge pats on the back to his Hour Record team, more important than ever. So professional to give up usual race program, drink Red Bull/Coca-cola for the camera, use sponsors equipment and quip about free beer for all as a celebration---Que Belgique!!! More inspiring than watching road racers who cannot carry their food/water, put their nose in the wind when the race goes up the road or draft a 100+ car caravan without shame.

Crank length?
Tire information?
Rider weight?
No other Belgian racers to take advantage of the entourage?
Feedback from the famous? (that means you Le Breton)
Estimated cost?
Comments on Mexico?
Endless questions,,,,,
I missed the last couple of minutes, but she looked very comfortable and in control. I know the plan was to just beat the record rather than try and go as well as she could, but I get the feeling she has quite a lot more in the tank.
She said she played it in the middle of Dan telling her to put it on the shelf and playing it safe. Putting it on the shelf is always a big risk as you might have more at half an hour to go, but you can lose more in the next half hour as fatigue ramps up.