Hour Record Rules Revisted/Revised

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You wonder he could do if he prepared especially like Campenaerts did. Campenaerts was in Namibia doing altitude training for 2 months and then only raced Tirreno and went to Mexico for weeks before.

Dowsett does it at the end of a long season and was still racing on the road a few weeks ago.
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Anyway, the whole youtube series on his channel (there's also a great interview with him on LR podcast channel, which I highly recommend to watch) leading up to the attempt was really enjoyable to follow.

Also Campenaerts made a video about Alex's odds to beat his record. Maybe he didn't say it directly, but his main argument against Dowsett's success was just that Alex wasn't as good TTist as he had been back in '19, where he beat in a TT guys like Dumoulin, Dennis, Ganna just a few days before his attempt. The bike-and-equipment aspect was on Dowsett's side, but that advantage was just not enough to overcome a simple lack of power in the legs.
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I rue the fact that prime Dumoulin and 2018-19 Dennis never attempted it. I think Tony Martin could have attempted it in the last few years and frankly might still be able to post a good distance - I think there are people out there who would do surprisingly well. Consider the fact that a retired, busted old Thomas Dekker was only a lap slower than 2015's Dennis.
One thing that I found really, really surprising is that Dowsett didn't take any physiotherapist with him to the Mexico. Of course, this could be just a logistic (or financial) issue, but then why it wasn't a problem to fly there with a personal chef instead.. (maybe there was some other, not so obvious reason for this particular person's presence there, but I don't know it).

Riders get massage etc after the stages of every single race, Ineos sent their physio to Ecuador for Carapaz who was preparing for the Tour, Campenaerts obviously had his physio by his side when he attempted the HR, while Dowsett decided it's just unnecessary?
He had £2,750 skinsuit, which might given him maybe <1% advantage at best. From the technical and equipment point of view his attempt was close to perfection, but then he just gives up on one of the most crucial and giving actual and significant advantage thing, which is having his legs and all his body 100% recovered and prepared for the effort?
I'd really like to hear his take on it.
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WOW! Nice ride FG!

I try not to predict results in sports, but this guys can go past 57 IMO.

"But then I start suffering a lot for the position for my balls.”

He says that he'll never do it again, or maybe just before retirement.
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Above 58 in Mexico.
Yeah, Ganna at his best can do that, atm the altitude is the wildcard.
Otherwise only a top tter with a track background can probably beat his record. My main pick would be guys like Bissegger and Küng. Others will probably loose a bit because of the cornering/lack of track experience. IMO they are the only ones with a legit shot atm (at similar altitude), guys like Wout and Remco would have to invest a serious amount of time into track cycling to minimize their skill related losses and I don't see their teams being super thrilled about that.