How much do cycling fans really care about doping?

Jul 29, 2009
Despite all the massive doping scandals over the past 20 years, despite big sponsors leaving the sport, despite big tv stations in Germany boycotting broadcasting the Tour, despite millions of cycling outsiders branding all cyclists as dopers - I still have that subjective feeling that the sport grows and more and more fans watching it.
On a personal level - I am a big cycling fan, a masters racer myself, play fantasy cycling games and know the racing history of probably more than a 100 pro's by heart. I have no illusions and wishful thinking whatsoever about future doping and believe that doping is still a big part in the peloton.

I don't like doping and dopers at all but does that stop me and turn me away from the sport? Not at all. In an almost sick way it even attracts me more to it as reading the news is definitely more exciting with some juicy doping sagas like the latest LA saga.
So I wonder if it is me, and millions of others like me, who actually keep doping going. Because if all the fans would be really disgusted by it they would stop watching. And it everyone stops watching the sport will shrink and if it shrinks doping will really stop as there is no more money and no more fame to gain.
I am interested in how others see that. An invitation to look at the core of professional cycling - the fan - and how the fan indirectly causes doping, maybe? An invention to look at yourselves honestly. But don't be too serious about it, humor is always welcome.
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